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Keypad Top Up

How to Top Up?

You can top up at any authorised Paypoint/Payzone outlet, online or by phone using our automated phone system (0800 015 26 78). 

You can buy any amount of credit in whole pounds from £5 to a maximum of £175 per transaction.

When buying credit you will be given a 20, 40 or 60 digit Powercode.

This Powercode must be entered into your meter in order to transfer the credit onto your meter. To top up use the following procedure:

1. You should press the * button once on the keypad. The message 'Key Code' will be displayed.

2. You should key in all digits of your Powercode. If you enter a wrong digit press the * Button to go back.

3. When you have entered all the digits press the # button. The message 'Sending' will be displayed. After a few seconds one of the following messages will be displayed:

Accepted you will hear a 'happy' tone. The top up amount will appear, followed by 'Account' and the total credit on the meter.

Rejected you will hear a 'sad' tone followed by one of the fault messages below. If this happens wait until the fault message clears and start again from Step 1.

Duplicate you have entered this Powercode before and cannot use it again.

Incorrect the Powercode has been keyed incorrectly or is for another property.

Error you have missed a number or entered the Powercode too slowly

Kblock the Powercode has been entered incorrectly five times in a row

Wrong Tar the price of electricity has changed and you must enter the special 40 or 60 digit code (this is explained further in the paragraph called “Electricity Price Changes” below).

Credit HI you have too much credit on your meter (the maximum amount that can be stored in your meter is £1,000). Wait a few days and try again.

Electricity Price Changes

Top Up codes usually have 20 digits. However when you buy a top up after a change in electricity prices you will be given a special 40 or 60 digit code. This will credit your Keypad meter with your top up amount plus update it with the new price details.

About your Meter

Checking the keypad meter

Press * key before entering codes

  # - Press to see amount of credit left
  0 - Display test, time & date
  1 - Credit time left in Days
  2 - Cost of Previous Day/Week/Month
  3 - Unit rate and number of units used
  4 - Last 5 powercodes entered
  5 - Total money entered into meter
  6 - Electricity being used in KWH
  7 - Standing charge
  8 - Highest consumption in any half-hour + last 24hours + when
  9 - Total units used

Press # key after entering codes

Top Tips

  • Top up your credit regularly, even over the summer months
  • Only use the emergency credit in an emergency
  • Check your meter regularly to monitor your credit or debt balance
  • Keep receipts for your own records
  • Keep your card/MPRN number in a safe place
  • Let us know when you move home

Lost or Damaged your card

Don't worry just give us a call and we'll get you a new one as soon as possible.

Queries Regarding Your Top Up

We recommend that you keep your receipts in case you have any problems. If you have topped up over the phone don't worry as we will have a record on our system.

Running out of Credit

When your credit reduces to £1 (£2 for Economy 7) you will hear a low-volume warning sound for two minutes. Press any button to turn it off.
The warning sound will be repeated every 30 minutes (but not between 10pm and 8am) until a button is pressed.